Who is Marzio D’alessandro?

Despite e mailing this letter twice and posting by recorded delivery I never received a response from the Mirror.

Perhaps they aren’t interested in the truth.


Lloyd Embley Esq
The Daily Mirror

Dear Mr Embley

Re: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/mario-dalessandro-tells-terror-after-3497315

May I respectfully draw your kind attention to the above article, written by James Moncur, which you published on 5 May 2014, concerning my former wife, Stephanie Seagrave, and myself?

It is correct to say that, when I had been asked by this lady to look after our child, when we were still in a close relationship together, I had made certain enquiries on her, and texted, as well as emailed her, when she was with another man (and not a woman, as she had told me), following which I was fined £800 for causing a breach of the peace.

This was not my finest hour, and I have accepted the aforementioned result, making no excuses.

However, I hope you will allow me to confide in you my misgivings, and to suggest, in all fairness, that the article in your newspaper might have gone further than necessary in damaging and damning me. Indeed, I submit that there were not only elements of exaggeration published, but even certain inaccuracies.

Perhaps I might elaborate, in respect of 2 key points, as briefly as possible?

1. Although it is true that I did investigate my ex wife on the above occasion, both she and your article have painted me – employing words and phrases, such as “terrorised”, “cycle of violence” and “twisted” – as if I am almost the Second Coming of Satan. I am certainly fallible, but not the evil monster depicted.

The references to “(cycle of) violence”, “beat her up” and “injuries” should not apply to me, as I have never physically assaulted my ex wife. Any accusations, which she has made in the past, have come to naught, as they have been thrown out, due to a complete lack of photos, substantiation, proof and / or evidence.

2. As a matter of fact, contrary to the published claim by my ex wife, I did not invent the story about her going to a hotel with another man. The deputy fiscal prosecutor told the court that my ex wife had admitted in a statement to the police that she had indeed spent a romantic evening with another man on the evening in question.

It is unfortunate that Mr Moncur, on behalf of your newspaper, did not take the opportunity to check all of the facts, as well as my side of the story, before going into print. But the damage has now been done, and I can only ask you please to go some way towards rectifying it.

I am now happily remarried, and I hope that my ex wife has also found a partner, with whom she is content. However, Stephanie and I have an 11-year-old daughter, whom I have not seen for four years, since 2013, and the continuing presence of your article on your website, which also shows up on internet searches, such as Google, under my name, is not only distressing to my present wife, as well as to myself, and is most disadvantageous, in respect of my professional work, it also acts as a deterrent to access to my daughter, whom I miss terribly.

Accordingly, I should be most grateful, if you would look into this matter. If, after giving it due consideration, you feel that enough is enough, and that I might have been caused, and suffered, rather more damage and disadvantage than was actually intended and / or deserved, would you please remove this longstanding story from your website, and kindly invite the search agencies if they would do the same, in order that we can all move on from this matter?

I very much appreciate your time and trouble in the present instance, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Marzio D’Alessandro


Fake News Articles Written by the Daily Mirror and others

The only thing that has come out of this, is that a daughter has lost a father and a father has lost a daughter.

I like champagne and can afford it and do drink it on occasions.

I don’t actually drink lemonade it’s too sweet.

I do not conduct surveillance using my “Merc with a private registration and I never have.

I only hire professionals to conduct surveillance for clients, and never for personal reasons.

I am not Italian. I am British born and bred. My father is Italian (I am proud to be able to speak the language)

I am good person. I don’t beat my wife. Nor am I a stalker, nor have I ever been prosecuted for that, the police made a mistake initially and the fiscal lowered the charge accordingly and not because I did a “deal”, this is not the United States.

I have been targeted deliberately because I have an interesting job and this type of “news” helps to sell “papers.” And because my ex was deliberately trying to damage my reputation because she is jealous of my new life.

Read the article 3 times and each time you read it you can see it is full of contradictions.

Mr Moncur. My Name is Marzio not Mario.

Writing lies about people does hurt, and it does affect our lives.

I wonder how many other people’s reputations Mr Moncur has damaged for profit.

I was only married to this person for 3 months. Although I was around her for 8 years, it was 8 years of hell.

And when I finally broke away from her control, she acted out what can only be described as a press revenge attack on me and my new family.

It failed to damage my new life. But has hurt my reputation.

I do miss my daughter terribly, and no one should have the right to print stories like this, certainly not without speaking to both parties and getting the facts straight first, even then the vile content of this article is never going to be able to be justified.

Had I known at the time I would have reported this to the press regulator IPSO.I am now out of time for that.

If it happens again I will report it to IPSO and sue for libel. And yes, I can afford it.

I will be taking advantage of today’s new ruling when the time is just right. It was long overdue.


Here is the real article regarding this case. I have nothing to hide.



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