Marzio’s Private Eye Services

If you are looking for a private investigator to help you find out discrete information or to track someone down who has gone missing, give Marzio a call. His personal experience with a missing person in is immediate family led him to the internet where he researched the way private investigators go about helping people find lost relatives and friends. The encounter he had with a private detective online sparked his interest in the private eye business and today he runs his own business from his websites.

The Beginning

After spending a considerable amount of time researching the private eye business, Marzio D’alessandro contacted the private investigator who originally assisted him in finding his lost family member and asked him for advice to help him establish his own business. Originally they formed an alliance and together they were instrumental in helping thousands of people become reunited with lost family and friends and to this day Marzio still utilizes his services.

Marzio offers a range of accredited private eye services through his four websites and visitors can follow his daily activities on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. These social media sites will tell you more about Marzio the man and his latest interests.

Because of his personal experience, Marzio D’alessandro understands what it’s like to lose contact with a loved one and how relieved he was when she was found. His services are highly professional and discreet, and his companies are accredited members of WAPI (World Association of Professional Investigators) which requires adherence to codes of practice and ethics by the members.

When it comes to surveillance, you can trust him to be completely discreet and professional, no matter what it is that you would like him to investigate and who the investigated person is. Matrimonial infidelity is one of his specialties and he offers tracing of an involved third party and car trackers as part of his surveillance service.

To discuss your needs for a private investigator discreetly with complete confidentiality, you can call Marzio direct on 0778 304 2434 or visit one of his websites:

– Find my Family and Friends
– Private Eye London
– Private Eye Scotland
– Jersey Risk Limited

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