Marzio D’Alessandro’s Eye For Business

Marzio D’Alessandro is one of the lucky people who discovered their life passion by accident. Every thing started with the disappearance of one of his family members. While trying to trace him Marzio discovered he had quite a talent for this type of job, therefore he decided to turn it into a business and put it into the service of others.

Today, he runs three businesses, “private eye London”, jersey-risk and “find my friends and family” and he has helped many people reunite with their friends or families.

Private Eye London provides a wide range of private detective services, from cheating partners tracking to finding missing persons, tracing people or even polygraph services. People who are suspected of cheating or of being dishonest can take a polygraph test with Private Eye London to verify the truth of a specific statement with 98% accuracy.

If you need it, Marzio D’Alessandro can help you get a new identity, so that you become invisible to debt collectors or any other people you don’t wish to get in contact with anymore. This is a huge step for anybody, but if managed properly, you can start your new life with the right foot.

You can hire Marzio D’Alessandro’s services by contacting him directly on the phone or by using the contact form on his website. The initial consultation is free and the confidentiality is guaranteed.

Being an accredited private detective service, Private Eye London offers the guarantee of belonging to such a reputable association like WAPI, the World Association of Professional Investigators.

Thanks to Marzio’s good connections all over the country, he delivers fast and effective results in many cases of tracing missing persons. He knows how difficult it is to have a beloved one missing, therefore he tries to maintain affordable prices for his customers, so that more people can benefit from his services.

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