Who is Marzio D’alessandro?

Have you heard the name of him? If you are in the United Kingdom, you may surely have heard about this famous private detective agent in London. He is the proprietor of Private Eye London, a professional private detective agency offering their services to the residents of London, Wales and Scotland. The agency is quite famous for locating missing persons, spying on cheating spouses, offering polygraph services and creating new identities for privacy reasons. They have a satisfied customer base who have been patronizing them from the inception itself.

Private Eye London is more famous for spying on cheating spouses. There are many customers who come to Marzio and request him to spy on their cheating spouses. Marzio will perform such jobs quite discreetly and to the highest professional standards in the industry. Marzio’s entrance to the private detective scene was a pure accident. He was approached by a friend who wanted Marzio to help him in locating his missing wife and her mother. Marzio was really interested in the project as he always has a hidden passion for this kind of work.

Marzio got to work immediately by searching for a professional private detective agency in his town. He used the internet to search for such an agency in the region. Marzio approached the agency and handed over the case. The detective agency was able to locate the missing persons within a short period of time and very discreetly for that matter. This was able to sparkle the hidden passion in Marzio for private detective work. Marzio started learning the tricks of the trade from there-onwards. Private Eye London was born as a result of this.

Marzio, together with the detective who helped to find his friend’s wife and mother, have been able to solve thousands of cases relating to missing people.

Marzio’s Private Eye Services

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Marzio D’Alessandro’s Eye For Business

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The Benefits Of Hiring A Private Detective

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